Photography is that art and practice of taking pictures. Photo is a photograph. Graphy is a suffix that usually describes a work, art or a certain field of study. The first photograph ever taken was by a French inventor Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1826/1827. For the picture to be seen it had to go through a very long process which took up to eight hours. After Niepce passed away in 1833 he left all his work to his partner he had worked with. His partner Daguerre was more interested in silver-based process while Niepce had been less interested. William Henry Fox Talbot was successful in creating negatives on paper. Talbot’s way of taking pictures was faster than Niepce way was Talbot’s took one hour while the other took eight. Sergei Lvovich designed a camera in 1874 that improved the way of focusing.  In 1851 Levitsky was awarded a gold medal for the first portrait photograph.

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Very nice photos Christo. I like the landscape one a lot!

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Nice choice of photos. The anilman picture was especially interesting.

Love the BMX picture!
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i like ur photos there sick

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I like your banner.


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